Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't forget the sunflowers!

A touch of color makes a big difference

Westin Kierland Resort

Sunflowers, Orange pincushion protea & polished river rock
This was a corporate event at the Kierland Resort
and Spa in Scottsdale Arizona

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Festival of Color!

Seasons come and go, yet in my view fall is best described by warm tones of red, yellow and orange. Add splash of pink or purple and your right in style with today's color scheme. If your planning an event or simply need a one of a kind arrangement please call us for the details.
Peppers & Pincushion protea in a custom wax vessel

Roses & apples & berries & Hydrangea!

Stunning for any occasion Mixed floral in copper washed vessel

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something unique? Great for the dinning table or coffee table!!

Candle with mixed cactus succulents

Small cube shaped with mixed
cactui succulants
Three sizes offered!
Call for quote:
These handmade vessels offer a textured
and weathered look for durability & Style!
These are just a small sample of containers that I use
for my various plants and flowers!


Call today for these "Echeveria Leuchotrich" arranged?
Oh these are cute!
These are  "Aeonium Leucoblepharum".... WOW long name!!
All they need is a unique vessel, clay pot or something cool

to place them in! We have them here!!
These are ready for a big delivery! ALOHA!
More ready to ship!
Larger versions
We also install interior plants!

Need a cool Gift or table decoration?

Here at Las Flores we have some of the most unusual cactus succulents.
These very popular botanicals are arranged for all kinds of
Racks of succulents
More variety
Just waiting to be arranged!
I love these
Would you like some of these?
These almost look like rose buds
Larger version for BIG ARRANGEMENTS

It's great to walk out and see all the variety that's
CALL today for your CUSTOM
(480) 649-9935

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer is over.....warm is here!

Here in the great Southwest summertime is always HOT! About the only thing that will grow here are the mighty saguaro cactus. These majestic plants can live for many years. Some are over 500 years old. Now that's a long time to live in a dry and arid climate.

This is an actual photo I took while
hiking in the sonoran desert

Water is essential for plants, crops and people too. Most of the delicate flowers that you see in many of today's photo shoots are not grown in Arizona.

Flowers today are grown in cool climates and green houses around the world. Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel to many exotic countries that feature some of the flowers I use in my creations. One such flower is the orchid. These unusual botanical's are grown primarily in tropics climates and throughout Asia.

When I was in Hawaii I visited an orchid nursery that featured some very unusual orchids plants. One such orchid they claimed to be very rare and valued over 20,000.00 USD. Wow, how could that be I asked? Its just a very difficult plant to find and to grown which makes it rare and valuable. The flower nursery was very proud to display their prized plant. This was on the BIG ISLAND of HAWAII.

 After my visit here it re inspired me to learn more about the many uses of orchids and my mind raced with creative ideas!

I would venture to say that orchids are one of the staple and primary plants/flowers for the event designer or florist. They are colorful and when mixed with abundance they can make a very big impression! So when your planning your next event you may wish to consider some amazing orchids or even cactus! It' all apart of the desired look.

Maybe we can help here @ LAS FLORES your event florist.

Planning your destination event. Why not try us's usualy sunny, warm and durning the winter it's perfect for an out side party!!