Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mom display's just some of her GIFTS!!

Artificial flowers in silver basket with bow
would cost  aprox $55.00 retail.
Why not show something I made for my own mom. So there you have it. I actually made the item that I described below. She seemed to like the artificial flowers. They were peonies and hydrangea in a silver basket, along with the frosted pink candles on the 1940's pressed pink glass plate. It worked and it was all under 20.00 dollars (candles only)! Give it a try.....or call me. I love to make things! Call for custome candles and fresh flowers your event florist Las FLores/Jon Sorenson @ 480-649-9935

Friday, May 6, 2011

A gift for MOTHER?

TRADITION, would have it that when mothers day rolls around your first impulse would be to run out and order flowers. That's not a bad idea, however, maybe try an alternative and one that's easy to make.

Candles are another great option and they are often forgotten for MOM. Many craft stores sell small votive candles. Here are a few tricks that will let you make mom a homemade gift with ease.

Purchase a few 2in x 2in candles at your local craft store. Scented are good to. Then locate some colored sand. You can find some extra fine sand at your local pet supply store. I know sounds odd, but continue to read.......

Here's what I like to do:
I gather approximately 7 minature candles. Let's use pink for mom! Then I spread some Elmer's glue around each and wait just a few minutes. After this process I have a platter with some of my marine sand that I purchased at the pet store and beggin to lightly press and roll each votive around in the sand.

After they have all dried I use some of the remaining sand and add a few sea shells that I had on hand and place all of them nicely arranged on an antique plate that has some pink and white tones to it (any would work that's about 7 inches in diamater). The cost was minimal and now mom has a gift that I would wrapped in some clear cellophane with a large pink bow!

What do you think? Shall I take a picture and show you? Stay tuned!!!

More fresh ideas on the way!

Las Flores

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A new day for freshness~

Let me take this time to introduce myself. My Name is Jon Sorenson. I have been involved in the creative fields of Interior Design and Floral Design along with Event planning and Design for over 30 years.

One might ask how do we know this?

Soon I will publish my current work along with some of the images of my past. I have over 4,000 photo images of my past work that I created directly and will take the credit for. There have been many, many looks and styles. Sometimes when I look at them I almost get tired. I know, the sheer amount of time on some events can be exhausting!! I like to keep a hands on attitude. This means that not only do I assist in your actual event planning, it also means that I select the very freshest flowers possible.

I am not an over blown corporation with a multitude of overworked employees who at the end of the day only look forward to one thing...GOING HOME! You see this is my home. Flowers have become a part of me. Style, sophistication and sleekness are all apart of who I am, what I have become and my HOUSE of FLOWERS!

Where in the world do I get such a house of flowers?

I have actually traveled world wide and searched growers directly so I can provide the freshest product available. Many will try to fool you to think they have the same, however, I can say they don't have the experience or expertise that I have. In fact they copy, they seek out volume to bolster profits and to try to convince you that they have superior design.

The idea's are simple!!
1. Great Design
2. Freshest product available.
3. Attention to Detail.
4. Your voice is heard!
5. Fairness and on time.
6. Great design.
7. Flowers are for ALL!!

If you would like to set a consultation or if your planning an event you can contact me here: Phone: 480-649-9935 My name is Jon